I decided I would customize 84 unique, now Welcome Home BirdClub Clubhouses and give them to people my dad and my family knew.  Special people that prayed for us, helped us and supported us the past few years.  Sequence the numbers 1925 - 1 through 1925 - 84.

Matthew the bird that is blue will be on the front and now is part of the logo.

Recycled cans now adorn the roof.  It sure does sound good in the rain.

My father and his wife loved working in their yard and always had the prettiest flowers so on the side is a custom flower with a penny in the middle.  There are 2 thoughts behind that, "a penny for your thoughts" , and "you should save every penny." 

In each WHB Clubhouse a surpise.  My wife's gift is art and she is inspired mainly by God's unique creations especially the ever changing canvas of the sky.  For several years she customizes cards with her artwork, adds the words that are on her heart on the inside and send to those that need encouragment and smiles.  She also enjoys scrapbooking memories.